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Frontline shipping company sold 3 medium-sized tanker ship corrosion

添加时间2014-9-15 10:42:55

Profits plummeted Norway shipping tycoon fee Di Chen business frontline shipping company, the company plans to sell 3 ship corrosion ships are built in the early 90, in order to increase cash flow.

CEO Jensen yesterday said in Singapore, to sell 3 tanker "Alfa", "Beta" and "Delta" can be shipped 1000000 barrels of crude oil. Frontline has agreed to sell Suez tanker "Alfa" to VTN shipping group with a $29600000 loss cost. The company said last month, the sale of "Fighter" and "Striver" will be a loss of $36200000. Financial CEO Clem said, as long as the provision of good price, any ship can be sold. In October 31st, she has said, the company will no longer sell oil tanker. "Hunter", "Fighter" and "Striver", the price has yet to disclose. An analyst at Oslo securities company said the Arctic, the oil tanker price only slightly higher than the price of scrap steel vessel.

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