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Business logistics cross penetration and common development

添加时间2014-9-15 10:44:03

Recently, by the Chinese Association of e-commerce, e-commerce and logistics China Entrepreneur Alliance co sponsored the "second China e-commerce logistics entrepreneurs annual meeting" held in Beijing. The domestic leading information provider of financial services fast money with good performance in business logistics industry, won the "2012 annual China e-commerce logistics best financial payment technology enterprise" and "2012 China e-commerce logistics person of the year" award of the two Congress, become double king.

In the vigorous development of B2C business and logistics field, widespread split flow cash risk is high, capital flow and information problems, caused by the need to separate reconciliation and settlement funds several times between the various links in the account, the efficiency is low. In addition, because send pieces of information to achieve timely feedback, a large number of inputs lead to capital risk and human, material resources, increase the cost of.

Fast money, understands the needs of enterprise development, to the business, logistics enterprises tailored professional and efficient payment solutions. Fast money for electric business, logistics enterprises to provide all kinds of payment product fusion, and accounts payables financing, a complete set of product combination, through a complete solution to help enterprises to accelerate the flow of funds. In view of the B2C electric business online retail money quickly launched the product combination of boxing, including large e-currency payment, credit card online payment, mobile phone payments, payment, meet customer demand, help enterprise to retain the most users of B2C online shopping. According to the electric self built logistics and line of logistics enterprise, quick money to take the total to the total exhibition industry way, cooperate with these large and medium-sized logistics enterprises headquarters, radiation to the logistics enterprises in various parts of the branch, realize scale business coverage; at the same time, through the information platform to help logistics company headquarters and branch mechanism to realize the cross bank, cross regional multi-channel collection, efficient settlement, and the centralized financial management.

According to the online shopping users 70% use cash on delivery situation, fast money launched a professional COD payment solutions, hand to help the B2C online shopping enterprises to realize the information flow and cash flow matching, realize electronic reconciliation, improve the financial management of enterprise efficiency; on the other hand, achieving cross regional capital rapid accumulation, to speed up the return of funds speed, improve the efficiency of capital. And with the help of logistics companies to accelerate the capital accumulation, improve capital efficiency at the same time, the realization of online shopping enterprises with rapid ledger, make rapid return to the online shopping payment enterprise, a comprehensive solution to the problem of huge loan logistics company because of payment collection result, release of funds in transit, so as to improve financial management and operation efficiency of the logistics company.

At present, fast money in the TOP30 B2C online shopping business coverage rate has exceeded nine, and Jingdong, Dangdang, easy to cooperate Xun, Cuba were deeply, in the B2C online shopping market online payment share more than 30%, ranking first in the industry. Various types of logistics enterprises including ZJS, micro pie, federal, all in the comprehensive use of quick money COD solution, the benefit of tens of thousands of online shopping companies and tens of millions of consumers.

Fast money relevant responsible person said, the electronic commerce transaction the increasing expansion of the scale and the intersection and penetration of industry chain industry, business, logistics enterprises for the financial management, enterprise operation request more and more high. The future, fast money will continue to deep within the industry, through a comprehensive, independent electronic payment solutions, integrated development support e-commerce ecological circle.

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