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Refined oil logistics industry welcomes the years the largest decline in the most benefit

添加时间2014-9-15 10:47:17

Ninth years of refined oil price adjustment window opened on schedule, 22 days 0 when steam, diesel oil price per ton lower 245 yuan and 235 yuan, the biggest drop in a year. According to many data organization estimates, equivalent to the retail price of 90# gasoline by 0.18 yuan / liter, 93#0.19 yuan / liter, 97#0.2 yuan / liter, diesel 0.2 yuan / liter 0#. Industry analysis, although the current round of price increase years maximum, but the CPI data more modest effects downstream demand, market outlook is expected to improve, refined oil prices fell space is limited follow-up.

Little impact on the terminal price

Reportedly, the current price decline in the larger mainly because of international crude oil prices fell sharply, since July, the Middle East geopolitical tensions ease, the market supply concerns eased on Iraq and Libya crude oil production, increase market supply, the international oil price highs. The latest data Xinhua petroleum price system released in July 21st shows, up to July 18th the basket of crude oil average price rate is -3.7%.

Longzhong data show that this year, China s refined oil has experienced "nine times four up five down", the cumulative cut gasoline 90 yuan / ton, diesel 85 yuan / ton, another five times due to lack of amplitude ran aground. Implementation of the new refined oil pricing mechanism, the domestic oil prices into the "small amplitude, frequency adjustment" stage, the previous price range are relatively small, on average only 140 yuan / tons.

Although the biggest drop, many institutions analysis that little impact on the terminal price. JOYOU information data display, this round of price of gasoline and diesel or mean value is 2.52%, the direct low this month CPI index 0.005 points. By the continuous high temperature weather, edible agricultural products (000061, shares) prices this month show continued low trend, this month CPI will remain at relatively low levels, not inflationary pressures emerge.

Treasure Island analyst Wang Yanting also think, "this reduction is relatively large. At present, the country is in the high temperature weather, large amount of vehicle air conditioning oil. Cut to cash, transportation and various mining and other large oil industry cost will be reduced, but the transfer to the terminal consumer goods, it is difficult to appear the obvious fluctuation."

Logistics and transport industry to benefit maximum

On the other hand, logistics and transport industry the most benefit. According to the monitoring of the oil price adjustment Longzhong, after a small logistics company, transportation, vehicle average per operation 100000 kilometers, fuel costs can save 7000 yuan, a 1.34% reduction in the cost of transportation. A displacement of 1.6 ordinary car, average every travel 2000 kilometers fees will be reduced by 30 yuan.

Points out that many institutions analysis, since the 2013 March implementation of the new mechanism, refined oil price adjustment is more close to the market, reduce the time difference with the international crude oil market, the domestic refined oil market operations to the whole. According to the current domestic refined oil pricing mechanism of price adjustment cycle calculation, the next time the price adjustment window will open in August 4th 24 time.

Looking to the future, because businesses by lowered expectations influence, the market price decline in advance, and stocks are low, the cut has settled will usher in the centralized procurement, the subsequent decline in the limited space. Analysis on international, Zhuo and information product oil analysts Zhang Bin, the horse boat crash is likely to make Europe renewed tensions, while economic economies have good trend, will drive the next cycle of international oil prices rising trend, a new round of refined oil prices rebound may.

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