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Fujian has two ports into million tons port "

添加时间2014-9-15 10:49:29

It is reported, in 2011 the Fujian coastal port cargo throughput of 3.72 tons, 13.9% more than the previous year, the port of Fuzhou, Meizhou Bay Port, Xiamen port 1.14 tons, 1.02 tons were completed, 1.56 tons, growth of 19.6%, 11.7%, 12.2% over the previous year; coastal port container throughput of 9690000 TEUs, an increase of 11.8%.

Following the Xiamen port, Fuzhou port, Meizhou Bay port also entered the ranks of port. So far, Fujian has three tons of port, Xiamen port, Fuzhou port, Meizhou Bay Port three port groups received further promote construction.

In 2011, Fujian will be basically completed "two vertical and three horizontal" the main framework, the province s 82% counties in half an hour on the expressway; 11 berths in coastal production, increasing the throughput capacity of 16770000 tons, total handling capacity reached 3.4 tons, built and put into operation reliable berth 150000 tons container ship in the port of Xiamen Haicang port berths, No. 14-17 reliable berth 300000 ton cargo ship in the port of Fuzhou can be a major project No. 4-5 door port berths.

It is understood, Fujian this year will invest 10000000000 yuan for the construction of ports and waterways, promote the Hercynian economic zone "industrial cluster, port group, city group" three groups of joint development, continue to intensify efforts to promote the port construction; southeast of Xiamen international shipping center construction, vigorously support the development of shipping agency, freight forwarding, financial, trading, brokerage, consulting shipping service industry, accelerate the construction of harbor of mother of Xiamen passenger liner.

In addition, Fujian will also guide the large international shipping enterprises have settled down, the expansion of international container hub port, Fuzhou, to support the Meizhou Bay Port Bulk Cargo water transfer, promote the container, bulk goods water rail transport, Jianghai transport; further increase of Taiwan wharf facilities construction, consolidation and development of Taiwan s "three links".

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