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"Iron boss" to seize the logistics market in the Yangtze River

添加时间2014-9-15 10:50:32

In September 9th 18:21 X702/3, from the NanJing West Railway Station first time cargo express train leaves, the Yangtze River Delta cargo express ring train officially opens. Today, ordinary citizens want to send things, not only can call to make familiar SF, Shentong, Yuantong pick-up, also can directly through a railway. "Open the receipt for the scattered cargo express business", which means "iron boss" all-out attack logistics market.

3 in the afternoon, see the first trip being loaded cargo express train at NanJing West Railway Station yard, deputy general manager of Shanghai Nanjing Railway Bureau Freight Center Introduction, "the Yangtze River Delta cargo express" ring train borne by the cargo express train specialized, trips, marshalling, time, route, stop "five fixed", the NanJing West Railway Station as the fulcrum, every day South Central, North Central Train bidirectional cyclic express train 2 to 4 columns, the scope of services covered 200 administrative districts in the Yangtze River Delta region, highest moving speed per hour 120 kilometers south, the running time of about 42 hours, about 36 hour north central.

And highway transport mode, railway advantage in the long-distance transportation costs low, but the legs can not be achieved "door to door". "Customers can now select door to door , door to door , station to station , station to door and other modes of transport. The customer on the same day the consignment of goods, the latest the day after tomorrow can deliver, as Nanjing sent to Wuxi, Changzhou and other places of the goods, second days can be served. Some of the goods the same day delivery, to achieve the province when Tianyun, express a day up." Wu Haoping said.

It is reported, the Shanghai Railway Bureau for the station reached 248 in Shanghai and Zhejiang and Jiangsu and Anhui "Delta cargo express train" business, at the same time, the establishment of 224 non rail station and social outlets, accept a point total to 472. In the case of Nanjing, the NanJing West Railway Station, the door, the Zijinshan, Guanghua gate and so on multiple sites can accept express business.


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